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Lifelong Training for Facility Professionals


The role of facility management (FM) professionals is growing while simultaneously shifting from an operational to strategic level. Build your knowledge base and get a deeper dive into the core competencies of facility management with individual core competency courses.

Do you have knowledge gaps in FM that you would like to close?

Are you trying to earn the CFM® and want extra study materials to help prepare?

Do you want to increase your value to your organization by expanding your areas of expertise?

The seven individual competency courses will help you toward achieving your goals. The options include:

  • IFMA's Performance and Quality Course
  • IFMA's Communications Course
  • IFMA's Occupancy and Human Factors Course
  • IFMA's Real Estate Course
  • IFMA's Sustainability Course
  • IFMA's Risk Management Course
  • IFMA's Facility Information Management and Technology Management Course


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